May 2nd, 2016



Stonewood Tavern, Peaobdy

Join us for a night of fundraising to support the Centennial Events. Lots of raffles, Peabody100 items and information to share.

There are many ways to support The Centennial Events at this fundraising event. Masterpiece Art Bar will be helping us paint a pair of swans from Crystal Lake in West Peabody, if you are interested in this session of the night please sign up below! Hurry! Tickets are limited to the first 45!

You can also donate to the Centennial Events by eating dinner at Stonewood and they will gracefully donate a portion of all food sales to the fundraising efforts as well. Raffles and other prizes at the event. Bring a friend, eat, sip and paint!

Visit our Facebook Event for More Details:

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Sign up to join Masterpiece Art Bar and the Peabody Centennial Parade Committee for a paint party!

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