Centennial Birthday Party

Happy Birthday Peabody!  100 Years as a City is quite a milestone and something to be celebrated, but what is any special celebration without a party?  We chose a very special day in the formation of City government to host the birthday celebration.  Every year, on the first Monday of January, the government of the city is organized under the City charter.  Public officials are requested to attend the event to either take the oath of office after an election or otherwise to start their next official legislative session.  It’s a day we remember what it means to be a City.  So how appropriate that we celebrate our 100th anniversary as a city at this annual meeting and throw a party to recognize what it means to all of us.  This event is held at the Wiggin Auditorium on the second floor of City Hall and is sure to be a fun event for all.  Come enjoy the Tanner City birthday cake and help us remember how far we have come together.