Support Your City!

2016 marks a significant milestone for the City of Peabody. Our city, founded in 1916, will be turning 100 years old! In addition to the multiple events that are taking place, we are also selling “Peabody 100” cards. We are asking the local restaurants and other businesses of Peabody to show their pride and support by participating in this fundraiser.

Be on the lookout for Peabody 100 decal stickers displayed on business windows or on doors. This decal will signify that that business supports Peabody, and does so by being a participant of the “Peabody 100” cards. You will also find a complete lists of participants below as well as the discount for the particular business.

We hope we can count on the  participation of both the citizens of Peabody and the business of Peabody in supporting the wonderful city we live in! Thank you.

Would you like your business to participate in the Peabody 100 cards? Download the form to the right or fill out our online form!