Take a Scroll Down Peabody's Past

Join us on a short trip back in time as we explore Peabody’s past celebrations! 

In 1968…

Peabody celebrated it’s centennial of no longer being considered ‘South Danvers’.

In 1975…

Peabody celebrated the American Revolution Bicentennial.

In 1991…

On October 6, 1991 Peabody celebrated their 75th Jubilee

In 1999…

Peabody celebrated the Millennium with a parade.

Ray Wallman
Peabody’s ‘Official’ Photographer 

A majority of these photos are made possible by one man. Ray Wallman was nicknamed the “official photographer” for the city of Peabody. He enjoyed capturing images of Peabody for over 65 years, including the bicentennial and jubilee. This year, as we celebrate 100 years of being the city of Peabody, we also celebrate Ray Wallman for preserving history for us. Ray peacefully passed away on February 12, 2015. We thank Ray’s wife, Dorothy, for allowing us to share Ray’s beautiful pictures with the City of Peabody.

We would also like to credit and give thanks to Jackie Torigian who provided us with the 1991 Jubilee photos as well as the 1999 Millennium parade photos! Thank you Jackie!!