Pride in Peabody

What does Peabody mean to you?

The City of Peabody is more than just a city. It is a community, a home, an education, a career, a friendship, a place to grow, a place to reminisce and so much more. Whether you have grown up in Peabody or have crossed paths at some point in your life with this city, it truly goes without saying that Peabody has helped define who many of us are. Read through stories below of friendships made, neighborhood stories, funny stories and in general what the City of Peabody means to it’s citizens. Feel free to submit your own personal story of how Peabody has affected your own life!

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Carol Frechette

My husband and I came to make Peabody our home in 1972 when we were a young couple. I was carrying my first child a daughter. As the years rolled on we enjoyed many family times at Brooksby Farm, visiting the swans at Crystal Lake, the 4th of July at Cy Tenny Park, the International Festival , marching in the Memorial Day Parades, the summer concerts, the Christmas concerts and park programs, the walking – bike trail, the shopping and restaurants. Our 2 children were educated thru the Peabody school system. My husband opened a family business here Redi- Rite Auto Body and later Four Star Towing. Fortyfour years later I still reside at the same home while my husband resides peacefully in Purtian Lawn . I now enjoy cruise night with the North Shore Corvette Club which meets at Sylvan Street Grille. Peabody is certainly a very ‘livable’ city. I have many fond memories, much to be grateful for. May God bless the City of Peabody and a big THANKS to Mayor Bettencourt and staff, council,city workers, our firefighters, police officers, teachers, clergy, business owners and residents who make this city as great as it is. Peabody, eternally my home.

Heather Scanlan

Gingers Closet Consignment Shop

Peabody welcomed us to our Lynn Street location and we are proud to start our 9th year in business. The folks of Peabody are wonderful

Kristine B.

Peabody welcomed me in 2005 where I attended St. Johns the Baptist and met some of the greatest friends of my life. My neighborhood was filled with kids my age. We would constantly be outside playing kickball, flashlight tag,  riding our bikes, scooters & rollerblades, swimming all day & all night and anything else you can think of. Thanks Peabody for the past 11 years and congratulations on celebrating 100!